12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Some of my earliest memories in the kitchen are of me standing on a chair, scooched close to the island, so that I could help make Christmas cookies.  Cookies have always been a big part of our family’s Christmas celebrations.  My mom would start weeks before Christmas making lots of cookies and storing them in old potato chip tins.  She would try to hide them, but somehow my brother and I always seemed to be able to sniff them out.
Each of the cookies found in our newest ebook are recipes that have either been passed on to me by friends and neighbors, are the cookies that I made as a little girl, or were inspired by the flavors that my husband and children love.  It is with great delight that I get to pass these recipes on to you in honor of National Cookie Day.   Let me tell you a little bit about each of these special cookies.

   The Cookie Collection

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip:  These cake like cookies with trick you into thinking that you are eating a piece of bread instead of a cookie.  Since the day that they were posted on our site they have been our most shared post.  I love these cookies not only for their flavors, but also because they are great make ahead treats.  I can make batches of this dough, portion it into balls, and freeze until I am ready to serve them.

Mini Chip Shortbreads (A.K.A. Pallet Cleansers): My children have affectionately nicknamed these little shortbread cookies the pallet cleansers.  They are always on our cookie platters.  The kids use these little cookie bites to cleanse their pallet’s between the other cookies.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Snowballs:  These little snowballs pack an unexpected bite, thanks to the help of a little cayenne pepper.  The combination of the sweet chocolate and spicy back notes will keep your guests reaching for more.

Shoo Fly Tartlets:  These cookies were delivered to me by a special neighbor almost 20 years ago.  To this day, I can’t even think about making Christmas cookies without adding Ms. Kim’s Shoo Fly Tartlet cookies to the tray.  These special little tarts are made by making a cream cheese cookie cup either through using your fingers or a tart press like the one found here.  The sweet syrup fills the cups and then get topped with a special sanding sugar topping.

Minty Meltaways:  My mother in law inspired these minty cookies.  She loves all things pepperminty.  A thin minty cookie is baked to a crisp and then coated in chocolate and dusted with candy cane dust.  If you have a minty lover in your family, they will love these cookies.

German Chocolate Thumbprints:  In the interest of full honesty, I could probably eat a bowl of the filling for these cookies, all by myself, in the corner of my closet, ALONE!  This creamy, coconut filling get placed onto an extremely fudgey cookie base and then the whole thing gets drizzled with chocolate.  You will need some willpower with these cookies in your house.

Peanut Butter Overloads:  My husband is a major peanut butter lover!  These cookies are so full of peanut butter flavor that they can even send him into overload.  Crisp peanut butter cookies that have been filled with chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, and honey roasted peanuts.  I bet Santa would love a plate of these and a glass of milk waiting for him under the tree.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti:  Picture with me a cup of coffee in one hand and a Chocolate Almond Biscotti in the other, the lights glittering from the Christmas tree, and children asleep in their beds.  This scene has played out many, many times through the years.  It is tradition at this point.  These crispy cookies also pair amazingly well with a mug of cocoa if you don’t do coffee.

Orange Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies:  Cranberry, orange, and cinnamon shine like the magic of Christmas in these cookies.  These chewy, moist oatmeal cookies will quickly become a family favorite.

Almond Pizzelle:  One of the benefits of growing up on the outskirts of Philly was the culinary diversity in the area.  Pizzelle’s were a staple in every pizza shop and deli in the tri-state area.  These cookies made an appearance on every cookie tray my mom made, but so many friends have serious aversions to the anise flavor in traditional pizzelle.  These cookies are crisp, buttery versions of their anise flavored cousins, but shine with the unexpected taste of vanilla and almond.  A special Pizzelle maker is needed to make these cookies.  Here is a link to the exact iron that I have used for years http://amzn.to/2g0cBmp.

Lemon Coconut Tartlets:  My first year as a new wife and mom, I started the tradition of baking batches of Christmas cookie trays for our neighbors.  For weeks, I scoured cook books to find the perfect assortment of flavors to fill our trays.  This lemon coconut tartlet was one of the first cookies to make the cut.  It has grown and matured in flavors through the years thanks to the toasted coconut and coconut extract.  These are the perfect little bites.

Snickerdoodles:  Not sure I have ever met anyone who wouldn’t say yes to a bite of a chewy Snickerdoodle.  Growing up there was a girl who sat at my lunch table whose mom could bake her way through some Snickerdoodles.  It was the highlight of every Christmas party if there was a tray of these cinnamon sugared coated cookies.  Make these and I can promise you won’t have to worry about where to store them, because there won’t be any left!

Let’s face it, December 4th may be National Cookie Day, but December is the month of cookies for me!  Always has been and always will be.  I really hope that you have found some new cookie traditions to add to your recipe collections.  This ebook can be yours for free, just by downloading it from our home page.  Get yours while you can, because this collection will only be available through December.

From my kitchen to yours, I wish you a very happy 12 Days of Cookies!!!



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