Bug Repellant Wipes

WILDLately it doesn’t seem possible to watch the news and not hear the word “Zika” or how bad the tick season is going to be this year.

This virus that is carried by mosquitos has my children petrified.  For outdoorsy kids such as our’s, it is hard to keep them inside.

To be honest I want them outside playing and enjoying the gorgeous summer evenings, but I also want them safe.

If they weren’t asthmatics and if I weren’t so afraid of DEET, I would just hose them down with bug spray and open the door.  But they are asthmatics and I am afraid of DEET, so I try not to use it when at all possible.  Thankfully there are alternatives!

A few years ago, I watched a video of a woman making her own bug wipes, using essential oils.  At the time the video was circulating, we weren’t using essential oils, and after watching it, I disregarded it.  Fast forward three years, we are now huge advocates of essential oils, and I can’t find the video anywhere.   For someone who wasn’t interested, quite a bit of the video content stuck in my head, and the rest I added in based on what I have learned these past few years.

If by any chance, the original creator for these handy little wipes ever happens to see this post, I give you full credit and really appreciate your ingenuity.  If you are seeing this idea for the first time, not only will you be saving money by not having to purchase expensive bug sprays, but the health benefits are also significantly greater.  There are a few oils that the creepy crawlers just despise and wouldn’t you know those are the exact oils we used to load up these wipes.  Using these oils has significantly lessened the amounts of bites our son comes home with.  While there are no guarantees of not ever being bitten or stung by any bug ever again, as a mom I feel that they are protected, and have a greater peace of mind when they are our enjoying their childhood.

Update:  A new study has shown that 2017 could be a very bad year for Lyme disease.  To read more about these findings click HERE.  To protect yourself and your children; wipe down all exposed skin with these wipes before heading outside to play.  I have added in Tea Tree oil and peppermint, which ticks greatly dislike.

DIY Bug Repellent Wipes

Prep Time: 5 mins


  • 1 Tbsp. unscented liquid soap
  • 1 Tbsp. Carrier oil (jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, or fractionated coconut oil are all great choices)
  • 40 drops Essential oils (10 Purification, 10 Citronella, 10 Tea Tree, 10 Lavender)
  • 1 ½ Cups water
  • ½ Roll of paper towel
  • Air tight storage container


  1. Using a sharp knife or saw, cut paper towel roll in half. Set aside.
  2. In a small bowl combine soap, carrier oil, and essential oils.
  3. Pour water into your air tight storage container. Gently, stir in your soap and oil mixture to prevent too many bubbles.
  4. Place paper towel roll down inside your storage container. Fit lid on tightly and store upside down to completely saturate your paper towel. After about 10 minutes, turn your container over. Your towels should be saturated and the cardboard center should be able to be lifted out.
  5. Re-seal your container to protect your towels from drying out.

To Use:

Pull out one of your Bug Repellant Wipes from the center of the roll. Wipe on exposed skin. Be cautious to avoid contact with eyes or sensitive skin.

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