Eliminating The Chemicals From Your Home

Did you know that there are thousands of chemicals used in our common household products that have never had any safety testing.   Many of these substances are known to be highly toxic, have been banned in other countries, and yet they sit on our store shelves-today!  They may even be lurking in your home.

Even products with labels that make us think they are “safe”, like your favorite green cleaner, may have ingredients that clearly are not safe. This class will help you identify the dangers of some  common toxins, explain how the chemicals are being absorbed into our bodies, and why we are seeing a nationwide health crisis.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.  At the end of the class, I will go through how you can begin to make changes to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from your cleaning and personal care products. It is totally possible to  use oily substitutes, that will help you achieve the same or better results, and all without the dangers of chemical laden products.

From your detergent, to your mouthwash, to your toothpaste, and your  surface cleaners; I have solutions for you!  Watch our Chemical Free Home now!


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App Mentioned In the Class:

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