Just Say “No” To Burnout

A few months ago, there was a devastating fire that ravaged a section of Raleigh, NC.  The fire started in a construction site for new condominiums.  It spread through that partial construction and branched out to the building nearby.  The site was truly devastating.  Bricks, melted supports, and shattered windows were all that surrounded that once impressive structure.  The shell was there, but all that was left of the interior was hollow.

Much like a fire ravaged building, when a person reaches the “burnout” stage, the shell is there, but what is left is hollow and empty.  “Burnout”  can manifest itself in many ways, but among those ways are 3 usual suspects:

  • Fatigue:  Burnout can lead you to be easily irritated, give you difficulty sleeping, cause you to get sick more often, and make concentration difficult.
  • Estrangement:  You may feel like you are alone and begin to draw away from those closest to you.
  • Feelings of Failure:  Burnout can cause you to feel ineffective in all aspects of your life.  It may cause you to feel as if everything you touch, in a day, just turns to crap.

Burnout happens whenever the balances of your life are out of balance.  They happen when your deadlines, demands, and responsibilities of life; outweigh the rewards, enjoyments, and recognitions.

This concept of burnout doesn’t just apply to those who have full time careers, or to only just men, or to only the old.  The fact is, you may have children in your house that are feeling the pull of burnout on their lives right now.  There may be mom’s in your playgroup that are sitting next to you week after week; completely ravaged on the inside, but looking like the structure is mostly in place on the outside.

Our Tip, for this Tuesday, goes further than just watching out for the signs of burnout.

Today, I want to challenge you to not just practice, but legitimately use the word “NO” 3 times this week. Say “No” to three commitments that zap you of your energy, time, or motivation. Say “No” to to pointless commitments that weigh you down.  Say “No” to keeping up the Jones’s.  Say “No” to meeting other people’s expectations for you.  I want you just to say “No” and keep saying “No” until you have made room, not just for rest, but for restoration.

Continue saying “No” until you are able to rebuild and recharge from the inside out.



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