Roller Bottle Basics

One of the greatest thing about essential oils, is their user friendliness.  To benefit from essential oils you don’t need costly certifications or aromatherapy expertise.  Oily beginners can make some great blends that will make using essential oils even easier, if that is even possible.  In this post, we are going to talk you through the benefits of making up roller bottle blends and hopefully give you enough confidence to begin making your own.

The Benefits of Roller Bottle Blends:

  1. Pre-made roller bottle blends are portable.  You can tuck one or twelve, in a desk drawer, purse, backpack, or briefcase.  Anywhere you go, they can go, too.
  2. Having some pre-made blends for specific needs can save you time and hassle when you aren’t feeling great or when something hurts.
  3. Using a carrier oil with your essential oils will help to stretch your oils, protect your skin, all while saving you money.
  4. Using a carrier oil with your essential oils will help your oils spread evenly over your skin, covering more absorbable surface area.

**Note:  It is important to note that when you dilute an oil with a carrier, you are not diluting it’s effectiveness.  In truth the carrier oil will help provide better surface coverage on your body.

absorption of oils

Studies have shown that, when applied topically, essential oils can be found in the blood stream within 26 seconds.  In the same way, after 3 seconds following inhalation, essential oil compounds have been shown to have reached the limbic system.  While topical application needs to be placed appropriately on the skin and diluted for skin safety; it has been proven to be extremely beneficial to overall health and care.

Where To Apply Roller Bottle:

The application site will primarily depend on the purpose of usage.  Applying oils to feet is always recommended, as the pores on your feet are the largest on your body.  Behind the neck, ears, temples, stomach, or on the wrists are also great locations.    **Never use oils in the eyes.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Good Quality Roller Bottles
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (The oils you choose should be based on your desired result.  We will talk more about this later in this post.)
  • Carrier Oil of Your Choice (To learn more about specific carrier oils read here)
  • Dropper if desired

Putting It All Together:

As I said in the opening paragraph, putting a roller bottle blend together is very easy.  It is very similar to following a recipe.  Place your chosen oils into the bottle and fill the remainder of the bottle with your carrier oil.    At the end of this post, I have provided a list of great blends, for some common issues, to get you going.  Pinterest is also a fount of blend “recipes”.

roller bottle blends

 If you have roller bottle blends that you make up for you and the family; please share them with us in the comment section below.  I would love to learn from you!!!

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