Top 4 Teething Essential Oil Remedies

Your normally happy baby has become a fussy ball of drool.  They may or may not be running a fever.  They aren’t eating normally, which adds to their fussiness.  Their irritableness is cause for concern and then you notice (probably during a crying jag) that their gums are red and swollen.

This is usually the point that every mom realizes that little precious is teething.  No matter the symptoms the babies experience, all momma’s feel the exact same way at this point- make this pain go away from my baby!  You may be searching for a solution to help bring peace and comfort back to your baby and I want to offer some tried and true suggestions to help.

Essential Oil Teething Remedies

Every child since the beginning of time has had to go through this rite of passage.  Because of this, there are a whole host of go-to recommendations, but many of them either add unnecessary chemicals into baby’s body like those popular numbing gels or require you to pump baby up with medication round the clock.  What is really scary to this momma, is that for the last 10 years the FDA has warned against the active ingredient benzocaine that is found in that popular gel.  (If you would like to read more about that click here). I have to admit that it makes me so mad and not a little distrustful that there are products on our shelves, that the powers that be know are not safe, yet nothing is done about it.  My children cut their teeth being slathered in that infamous gel.

I wish I had known a better way when my littles were teething, but I do now! (You are welcome future  grandbabies!)  So for you and your babies here are some alternative suggestions to help combat teething discomfort.


There are a couple of very effective ways to use this herbal remedy.  While it is highly unlikely your fussy precious is going to want to have a tea party with you in their current condition, brew up a strong cup of tea anyway.  Chamomile is very supportive to the nervous system and has long been known to be a relaxing herb and to help with generalized pain.  Here are some great ways to use this remedy with baby.

  • Brew up a strong cup of chamomile tea and freeze up to make popsicle’s.  Allow baby to eat the frozen pop.  The chamomile will help from the inside out and the ice cold pop will help numb babies gums and provide a cooling relief.
  • If baby cannot feed themselves a Popsicle, you can achieve the same goal by soaking a washcloth in the chamomile tea and then freezing it.  Once frozen remove from the freezer and allow baby to chew and pull it over their gums to soothe.
  • Make a roller bottle of 1 part German Chamomile Essential Oil and 1 part Lavender oil to 3 parts of your favorite carrier oil.  Rub the roller along the outside of babies jaw line.  Reapply as needed every 2-3 hours.


Not only can teething be a time of great pain for baby, but it can also be a very scary time.  Their body hurts and they don’t understand why.  They are unable to communicate to you what is happening or what is troubling them.  Lavender is a great go-to when baby is anxious and upset.  Here are a few ways to utilize this essential oil.

  • Massage baby’s feet with a 1:3 part dilution ratio of essential oil and carrier oil to calm them when they are fussy.
  • Make up a roller bottle as mention in the paragraph above and roll along baby’s jaw line.
  • Diffuse 2 drops lavender and 2 drops German Chamomile essential oil in baby’s room at bed time.


This essential oil is a powerhouse and needs to be in every oily momma’s tool box.  While we know it mostly to help with belly issues, it is also a teething baby’s friend.

  • If baby is running a fever, mix together a 1:3 ratio of peppermint and carrier oil and run along baby’s spine.
  • To soothe gums, make up a mix of coconut oil and a drop of peppermint.  Rub along the gums to provide a cooling relief.  (Caution:  Peppermint is a strong oil, be sure to test on your gums first to make sure that it is diluted enough for baby)


Don’t shut me off yet.  You may be thinking, “I was tracking with you on the other 3 suggestions, but I haven’t ever heard of this oil”.  I am here to tell you that this oil may be your new best friend.  Through the years, this resin has helped people find relief for all manner of issues, not the least of them being for inflammation and digestive relief.  Possibly because Copaiba contains such a high level of Beta-caryophyllene.  Beta-caryophyllene’s have been studied extensively and have shown the ability to moderate the body’s responses to irritation.  If teething isn’t an irritation to the body, I am not sure what would be.  Here are some of the best ways to use Copaiba for baby.

  • Mix a drop of Copaiba with 2 drops of Coconut oil and rub on babies gums.  Repeat every few hours as needed.  If you are hesitant to place the oil inside babies mouth, you could rub the oil along babies jaw line.  (I only recommend ingesting pure, therapeutic oils like Young Living Essential Oils)
  • Copaiba is also known as a driver, meaning that when you use it with another essential oil, it can have the effect of magnifying that oil.  It’s like a turbo charge for your oils.  Blending this oil with the Lavender and Chamomile would be so beneficial to help calm and soothe baby.

A Must Have Resource For Oily Parents

In a few weeks we will do a post on using essential oils on children, but until then I wanted to mention a fabulous resource for all oily homes with children.  The book Gentle Babies, written by Debra Rayburn, teaches parents how to use essential oils on children, while offering great recipe suggestions for all manner of childhood ailments (including teething).  If you have never read this book, you can FIND IT HERE.

Teething babies are no fun at all, but hopefully you and baby will find relief from one of the remedies listed in this article.  I would love to hear your testimonies after you try one or all of these remedies.  Let us know how they worked for you.  Sending you much love and well wishes for a speedy teething experience.

Much Love from me to you,

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