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Real Men Use Essential Oils

Somehow there is an incorrect notion happening that essential oils are only or primarily for the ... Continue Reading

Reflections on Essential Oils From a Former Skeptic

Have you ever had an extreme reaction to something, but didn’t quite know why?  A reaction so ... Continue Reading

Spotlight Oil: Cinnamon Bark

Background of:   Cinnamon Bark dates back to 2800 BC where it can be found in ancient Chinese ... Continue Reading

Essential Oil Blends For Fall

Creating  a signature blend of essential oils can be a fun way to experiment with your creativi... Continue Reading

Cranberry Coulis

I will never forget the year (1989) that my mom found a new recipe for cranberry sauce.  Her new ... Continue Reading

Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend

If it's possible, I think I have fallen in love with this Lemon Pepper seasoning blend! It was ... Continue Reading

Lemon Pepper Chicken Alfredo

It's the middle of the week and tonight's dinner needs to be easy, painless, and comforting.  What ... Continue Reading

Spotlight Oil: Oregano

Background of Oregano: Known as mountain joy, Oregano has been around for centuries and was ... Continue Reading

Kids, The Yuck, and How To Stay Healthy!!!

This past week at the Ponderosa, we had the yuck.  The gross, congested, foggy headed yuck. It ... Continue Reading