Action = Results


Over the past few weeks I’ve challenged you to take better care of yourself by

-getting 7 hours of sleep

-drinking more water

-remove processed foods from your diet

-eat a salad each day

The thing is, I’m sure that you know how important doing all of these are. These challenges were not a part of the newest diet fad, these are things that we all know that we should do, but we simply don’t. If you were unable to try the challenges don’t worry. Since the challenges are things that we should practice doing on a daily basis, you can do the challenges anytime that you want to. I encourage you to go back to the previous 4 post and pick a challenge to start now. Make it a group challenge at work, with your friends or family.

Living healthy can be fun, it’s all about perspective. If you are looking for results, you need to have action. So how bad do you want results?


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