Spotlight Oil: Frankincense

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, but there may be no oil with as big of a role in history than Frankincense.   Widely known as one of the oils presented to the baby Jesus by the Wise Men. Frankincense truly is a special gift for all who use it.

This oil has been burned as incense, ground as a powder to be used as eyeliner for wealthy Egyptian women, and presented as gifts to Kings and Sultans.  It was mentioned in one of the oldest-known scientific records and has been used throughout history in many ways.  There are over 52 mentions of Frankincense in the Bible.  The word “incense” often found in many passages, is translated from the Hebrew/Greek to “Frankincense”.  These mentions either refer to the oil alone or as a blend with other oils.   Today this plant, distilled by steam, continues to offer a wide variety of benefits for its users. Before we take a look at just a few of the ways that this oil can benefit you, let’s take a look at where this plant originates from.

Where Does Frankincense come from?

Frankincense, sometimes referred to as olibanum, is the dried sap of the Boswellia tree.  These trees are found growing in the horn of Africa.  Young Living owns a farm in Salala, Oman, which is completely dedicated to growing and cultivating Boswellia trees to use its sap for oil.

What is Frankincense used for?

The complexity of the aroma found in this oil,  is widely known to elevate many aspects of its user’s life.  Frankincense has a deep, woodsy aroma that allows it to blend beautifully with most florals, woods, spices, and citrus oils.  Often you will find Frankincense assisting in many oil blends.  Either through diffusing or wearing topically, here are some of the ways that Frankincense can benefit you.

Skin Care:  Frankincense is one of the best oils to support healthy skin care.  Used in many skin care products to smooth skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce the sign of scars and wounds, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  To use this in your daily regimen, add a few drops to your favorite facial cleanser or lotions.  Even better yet, make your own.  Recently, I made a batch of face cleaning pads for  my oldest to remove make up.  Her skin is extremely sensitive and we will avoid using extra chemicals on it, whenever it is possible.  She loved these!!  Word quickly spread among the household and soon we were all using them.   When I first tried them, I hadn’t even worn makeup that day, but after wiping down my face and neck the pad was covered in brown.  Not only had it gotten my skin clean, but it was incredibly soft.  Here is my recipe:


You will need a few supplies to make these pads.  Here are a few of the items that you will need.

Neurological Support:  In much of my research, a common benefit found in Frankincense was in its ability to help still the mind.  If you struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, or negative situations, this oil may bring you wonderful support.  frankincense promotes deep breathing, which can be helpful to lower blood pressure and heart rate, helping to bring calm to your mind.  Here are some great diffuser recipes for times when you could benefit from a little mental grounding.


Respiratory Support: This is one to keep in mind during the next cold and flu season!!! To ease the symptoms found in congestion, coughs, or respiratory issues; add 2-3 drops of oil to a seamy bath and inhale or to your home diffuser.

Joint and Muscle Support:  Frankincense has been known to help with inflammation in joints and muscles.  If you struggle with arthritis or have just spent too long in the garden or the gym, you could find great relief by massaging Frankincense into the areas of your body that are affected.

The uses mentioned for this oil are merely the tip of the ice berg.  The more I learn about Frankincense, the more that I am convinced, this is a great resource for every oily toolkit.  If you have this oil already in your kit, but haven’t quite known where or how to use it, hopefully you learned a few new tricks to add to your toolbox.

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