Meatless Mindset – Part 4


I am five days from reaching my goal of not eating meat for the month of December. I feel empowered and encouraged. As I mentioned in previous post my goal for going on this short journey was to try something that studies have shown to help lead a healthier lifestyle.

I have dropped weight and my energy level was been great. In addition to not having meat I had already been on a low processed sugar and gluten free journey and the results of these changes combined has been pretty awesome. Not having gluten has helped with bloating and having a tight feeling in my belly after eating certain foods. While I still do eat things with sugar, I limit deserts, candy and sweet baked goods.

I have learned that my body really hates these types of foods and has hated them for a long time but I failed to slow down and listen. I was to busy surrendering to unhealthy habits and poor food choices. I have spent the past few years of my life trying to find a balance with food and fitness and I think I’ve finally found it.

In the past twenty six days I have exercised about 7 times but I still lost weight. How is that even possible? It was my food. I ate more of the things that my body needs to live. I ate things that gave me energy and not food that took forever to digest and made me feel sluggish.

I only have a few days left in my meatless journey and I have decided that this lifestyle simply works for me. My body loves it and I love how I feel. I am still trying to figure out if I want to add seafood or just leave all meat alone because I LOVE salmon!!! So I still have some decisions to make but I do know for a fact that I am no longer going to eat chicken, turkey, beef or pork.

Here’s to a great 2016, where I learned a lot about myself and I am looking forward to 2017 as I strive to become healthier and help more people.

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