Reflections on Essential Oils From a Former Skeptic

Have you ever had an extreme reaction to something, but didn’t quite know why?  A reaction so disproportionate to the situation that it didn’t even make sense to you?  Believe it or not, that is how I felt the first time my husband approached me about essential oils.

eo journey

In 2014 my husband and oldest daughter took an essential oils class.  When they came back from that class they were all sorts of buzzing with excitement as they told me about this oil and that oil.  Then they dropped the bomb of the cost of the oils and I dropped the bomb that oils were a scam and I would never support them.

In my heart, I believed that oils were in the same category as air fresheners and candles.  That their only purpose was to make your house smell good and I knew I could do that for a fraction of the cost.  My husband continued to study oils and their effects on our bodies, but he didn’t pressure or push me to change my belief.  I am a skeptic by nature, he knows this, so he prayed that the Lord would direct us to the information, if it was something that would benefit our family.

Kevin leads our family with quiet strength and I love that about him.

I was putting away Christmas of 2015,  before we were to get on the road to visit a family member, when I felt my rib slip, as in dislocate from the ribcage.  This is something that I have struggled with for years.  Some have backs that go out without warning, I have a rib.

We quickly rearranged out travel to include a visit to the chiropractor to have the rib adjusted.  Doc looked at me and could see the pain etched on my face and asked if I would be willing to try something a little unconventional,  if it would bring me relief.  At that particular moment, I would have done anything for relief, including use the woo-woo, voodoo oils, which is exactly what I did.  We applied PanAway to the hurting area’s and got in the car to continue our trip.   Within 20 minutes of using the oil, I was able to take a deep breath for the first time since the rib dislocated.  Within 30 minutes, I was actually enjoying the trip with my family.  It wasn’t until many hours later that I began to feel uncomfortable again.  That was my lightbulb moment.  I still wasn’t sure how it all worked, but for the first time, I was open to learning more.

Together, the husband and I, began to research essential oils and the companies that sold them, but we weren’t fully on the team, yet.  At least not until the day the doctor gave us the diagnosis for our oldest daughter a few months later.

Reactive Lung Disease! 

Since she was 7 months old, our daughter has lived on prescription medication, been in and out of doctors and specialist’s offices, she has been poked and prodded, tested for leukemia because her lymph nodes are so enlarged, lived on antibiotics multiple times a year, and ultimately was the reason we began homeschooling.  In short, Emily had been sick more than she had been well.  We were told low immune system, allergies, asthma, small sinus cavities, you name it, we were given a diagnosis and a medication for it.

It wasn’t until we moved to NC and found a new set of doctors, that we were finally able to get to the bottom of all of her health issues.  That day, as I talked to the doctor and he explained our options, he spoke the words “You may want to take a look at the cleaners you are using around your house”.

I didn’t understand!

Why would I “examine” the cleaners that I am using to create a sterile environment to keep her well?  The truth stung.  The same cleaners that I was using out of love to keep our home healthy were the same cleaners that were keeping her sick.  Some of the key ingredients in those cleaners were keeping Emily’s lungs angry and keeping her in a cycle of sickness.  In no uncertain terms, I felt betrayed and angry.  Ain’t no angry like a mama bear angry.

3743Our research led us to Young Living, we knew about Thieves and the Thieves Household Cleaner (To learn more, read here).  When we got home from her appointment, I went directly to my computer and signed us up.  Our first order was a premium starter kit and a bottle of the Thieves cleaner with expedited shipping.

Over the next few months, one by one, by 13, by 24 all the cleaners, candles, air fresheners, dryer sheets, and laundry detergent’s hit the trash.  I began studying alternatives for hair, body, and skin care.  My distrust for the chemicals, in the products that we had been using for years, knew no bounds.  I was armed with knowledge and the passion grew from there.

What started out as a nope, no way, not ever going to happen- moved to I can make that for us.  Where I was concerned over the price of the oils, moved to our family being able to save hundreds of dollars each month in cleaning and personal care products, because we no longer needed to purchase them.  We began using essential oils because of a need, a huge need in our home, and now we share because we know how these small little bottles can change lives.

It wasn’t until almost a year later that I realized my passion for cleaner houses, with less toxins, could also put food on our table and money in our pocket.  That in sharing my passion, I could also be living my dream of owning my own business.

So, what is your story?  Where are you on your health journey?  Emotionally?   Relationally?  Could you benefit from the support oils bring into your life and into your home?  Could you benefit from a community that not only provides support, but also encouragement and friendship?  What about financially?  Does your checkbook have room for improvement?  If you answered yes to any of the questions, please reach out to me!  I would consider a huge honor to help you begin your oily journey.

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