Why Bother Getting Organized

In the first part of our Choose Less series we talked about the “how” to start clearing the clutter and getting organized.  In this second part we are going to focus on the “why”.  So your house is a little cluttered.   If you aren’t a candidate for the next season of hoarders, its not anything you need to worry about, right???

In the words of our president…


There are a number of reasons why clearing out and getting organized are worth the effort.  More than any of the other reasons why clearing the clutter matters, is the fact that your clutter could be seriously affecting your brain and your health.

Your Body On Clutter

Studies have shown that women who live in cluttered environments, were shown to have significantly higher levels of cortisol.  Cortisol, is a stress induced hormone that is released from the brain when it signals trouble.  When a body is consistently exposed to cortisol, it has a much higher probability to have disruptions in the body processes and functions.  Some examples of this would be weight gain, heart disease, sleep interruptions, and anxiety-just to name a few.

Clutter also affects your brains ability to function.  Similarly in the way multitasking can cause the brain to be slower in processing (Read more about multitasking here), clutter adds disruptions to the neural pathways.  Research shows that a cluttered environment decreases the brains ability to process new information or perform new tasks.

Another significant way that clutter affects the brain is through emotional trauma.  In a study performed by UCLA, it was found that those who live in a cluttered environment had significantly lower self-esteem and much lower confidence levels.  Clutter also seriously affected the moods of the participants, many of whom placed a much lower value on their own lives.

Our brains were built for order.  They thrive on it in fact.  Our brains are like high functioning computers.  Each bit of information that we take in is carefully arranged in storage files.  When those files become cluttered and full of miscellaneous bits, the whole system becomes sluggish and “frizty” until it ultimately has no choice but to crash.  Clutter overloads your circuits and keeps you from running at maximum capacity.

Additional Motivation To Going “Clutter Free”

  • Having an Organized Closet, means you will easily be able to find what you want to wear.
  • Having an Organized Pantry, means that you will be able to eat the food you are storing, before its expiration.
  • Having an Organized Fridge, means that you will know what you have and know what you need to make healthy meals.
  • Less Clutter means less to housework.
  • Less Clutter means always knowing where things are.  The average American wastes an hour every year of their life looking for things they own, but cannot find.
  • Less Clutter means More time for you.
  • Less Clutter will improve relationships.  You will have a home you are proud to use.  Many marriages hold stress because of clutter.  Children will want to invite friends over.
  • Less Clutter will make it so you are once again comfortable in your own home.  There will be room to move around and stretch out.
  • Less Clutter will lead to less waste, which will lead to financial benefits.

If you are living with an environment of clutter, there are some significant motivators mentioned above to go “clutter free”.  The great news is that once the clutter is removed from your space, you will reap the benefits instantaneously.  The other silver lining is that it is possible to learn to be more organized in your spaces.  If you are ready to CLEAR THAT CLUTTER head over to our post Clear the clutter: choose Less to find some helpful guidance to get your started.

I wish you the best in your clutter banishing.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, either through our Contact page or in the comment section below if you need some help getting started.  Taking back your home will be so worth the effort and I am cheering you on all the way.

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