Spotlight Oil: Elemi

The Background:
Elemi has been used in Europe for hundreds of years in salves for skin and is included in celebrated healing ointments.  Native to the Philippine islands, it is used locally for skin conditions and respiratory ailments.  The Egyptians used Elemi for embalming and subsequent cultures used it for skin care to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin tone.  Elemi belongs to the same botanical family as Frankincense and Myrrh.  Due to the similar Properties and uses, Elemi is commonly known as the poor mans Frankincense.  Keeping it all in the family with cousin Frankincense, Elemi helps breathe life back into tired, damaged, dull skin.  Adding a few drops daily into your favorite moisturizer or lotion can help nourish and revitalize skin.
Elemi has more to it than skin care.  It can also be a huge help for respiratory issues and provides emotional support.  If you are tired, stressed, or sluggish adding some Elemi to your list of go-to oils could be very helpful.
Uses for:  
Provides support for skin, grounding and emotional release, rashes, and tissue repair.
How to use:  
  • Add 2-4 drop to your diffuser.
  • Add a few drops to epsom salts and add to your bath.
  • Add a few drops to moisturizers or lotions to rehydrate dry, dull, mature skin.
  • Combine with a quality massage oil for a relaxing massage.
Blends well with:
Cinnamon bark, frankincense, lavender, myrrh, rosemary, sage, ylang ylang, and lemongrass.
Elemi may prove to be too strong for children’s skin.  For this reason it is not recommended for children under the age of 6.  If pregnant, nursing, taking medicines, or have a medical condition talk to your doctor.
DIY To Try:  
This is a DIY you will definitely want to try!  The first reason to try this DIY is that is ridiculously easy.  The second reason is the best and that has everything to do with how good this body wash smells.  The third reason is that your skin will thank you!  To make this body wash add 15 drops elemi, 15 drops of Ylang Ylang, and 1/4 cup Castile soap to a foaming soap container.  Once your soap and oil are in, fill the remaining container with distilled water.  Shake the container to incorporate everything and your body wash is complete.  So simple.
I hope that you will consider giving Elemi a place in your skin care regimen.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section below.