Dr. Mom’s Oily Tool Kit (Part 2)

Essential oils are a convenient, effective, portable way to handle most of the common ailments that pop up on the regular in a family.  With a little knowledge and a well stocked oily tool kit, Dr. Mom will be able to handle them with ease.

This post is part 2 of our Dr. Mom series.  If you haven’t caught part 1, be sure to go read it here.

Because they have the unique ability to penetrate the cell membranes and circulate through the body, essential oils make fantastic first-aid care.  Instead of working against the body’s efforts to heal, essential oils work in tandem with the body to mend, repair, and help promote healing.  Best of all, oils are fast-acting, affordable, safe, and best of all effective.  Let’s take a look at how these babies can help you.

But First A Few Words Of Caution!

Before we dig in, let’s stop for a few words of caution.  Apply essential oils as soon as the injury happens or at first sign of illness.  Continue to reapply regularly while symptoms persist.  Be sure to never put oils in the eyes.  Always exercise your best judgement!  If ever you are seriously concerned about and illness or injury, call your Dr.

How To Use Oils For Specific Needs

Using Oils for Tummy Troubles

I am not sure if there is anything worse than tummy troubles.  They seem to pop up at the more inconvenient times and rock your world (not in a good way) for days after they arrive.

If you are treating general tummy upset, the kind that may be caused by overeating or eating something that doesn’t agree with the belly, Mightyzyme Chewable Tablets will be a welcome relief.  In addition to those tablets, apply 3-4 drops of diluted Peppermint oil to the abdomen 3-6 times daily while the symptoms persist.  Di-Gize is also a rock star when it comes to reducing symptoms, quickly!  Apply it in the same manner as described above.

Constipation is classified at less than 3 bowel movements a week.  For those cases, apply 3-4 drops of Di-Gize or Peppermint oil (diluted) on the tummy, as needed.  You could also add these oils to a glass of rice or almond milk and drink them 2-4 times daily.

The yuckiest tummy troubles of them all is diarrhea.  When that hits, you will be so glad to have Life 9 in your oily tool box.  This supplement is particularly helpful if you suffer from travelers diarrhea or diarrhea caused by medication.

Using Oils for Bruising

We had a child that spent most of the third year of her life with a goose egg on her forehead.  It seemed that no sooner did one heal up, then she would take another tumble and a new one would pop up in its place.  Oh how different our family photo’s would look if I had known about essential oils back then.

The good news is that now I know and am happy to pass along the knowledge.  Should you or your little one get a bruise, applying abundant amounts of Valor and Lavender over the bruised area will really help the bruise heal faster.  Apply the oils every few hours for the first few days after injury.

Using Oils for Fever and Heat Exposure

There is nothing more pitiful than a little one battling fever.  While a fever is an important part of the body’s defense against foreign invaders; it is important that the oil not spike too high, too quick.  To help aid in fever relief, apply lemon essential oil to the spine or inside the forearms for an infant or small child.  Peppermint can be used for children and older fever sufferers.  Dilute 2-3 drops of Peppermint oil, that has been diluted, down the spine and along the forehead.  Apply Immupower to the feet and along the spine.

Heat exposure can be a real threat as we head into the summer months.  To help a person suffering from heat exposure, apply a cool cloth to their forehead and elevate their feet.  Apply 3-5 drops of diluted Peppermint to their ears, back of their neck, on their temples, and along their shoulders.  Encourage plenty of fluids.

Using Oils for Minor Burns and Sunburns

Burns are a common injury for both adults and children.  Thankfully, no matter if you receive your burn from the oven, stove top, or the sun; the method of treatment will be the same.

I usually start by trying to draw the heat out of the burn site by using Peppermint essential oil.  Follow the Peppermint oil with Lavaderm Cooling Mist Spray.  Use the spray as often as needed for the first several hours and then follow with 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil.  Continue to apply the Lavender to the damaged skin to assist in repair.

Using Oils for Sprain’s and Strain’s

ankle and knee sprains are among the most common sprains.  It is estimated that 23,000 people require care for ankle sprains every day in the United States.  That is a lot of sprains!  Chances are someone you know may one day need to know how these oils can help them feel better.

For sprain’s, apply 4-6 drops of Helichrysum or PanAway, diluted to the affected area 3-5 times a day. Apply ice packs.

For strained or overused muscles, massage 4-6 drops of Lavender, PanAway, or Deep Relief Pain Cream on the sore muscles up to 3 times a day.

Using Oils for Bites and Stings

More time outside, means more risk of an insect bite or sting.  If stung, try to flick or scrape the stinger out with a hard object (like the back of a credit card), rather than pulling the stinger out.  If you try to pull the stinger out, you may cause the venom sack to release more venom.

If you are dealing with bites, apply small, repetitive doses of purification (1-2 drops) to the bitten area.  Keep applying the oil, about every 15 minutes or so for the first hour.  For tick bites, apply 3-5 drops of Peppermint or Tea Tree oil to the body of the tick.  Wait for a few minutes and the tick will let go to try to find another area.  Scoop him up and flush him.

To avoid the buggies all together, keep eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Citronella in your tool kit.  The bugs are seriously turned off by those oils, which makes them perfect for you.  Our family makes these great Bug Repellant Wipes that work great!  To learn how to make them, click here.

How To Start Your Own Oily Tool Kit

Step 1:  Click the Young Living Tab in the menu bar, scroll down until you reach Purchase Young Living Oil.
Step 2:  Follow the prompts for a Wholesale Membership.
Step 3:  Choose your favorite diffuser.
Step 4:  Sign up for Essential Rewards, our monthly rewards program, to take advantage of cash back for all your purchases.
Step 5:  Confirm and Accept your new oily way of life.

The process is easy and soon you will be on your way to fantastic first-aid care remedies.  Know a Dr. Mom who could benefit from this information?  Share this post with them.