The 3 Biggest Organizational Pitfall’s To Avoid

There are so many “How to Get Organized” articles available on the internet.  Even our little spot right here at More In 24 has more than a few that you can check out, like here and here.   But there is one type of article that you don’t see much of, it is the one that discusses the pitfalls associated with getting organized.

Organization is a journey;  one that has windy roads and pitfall’s that can swallow you up if you aren’t careful.  This post is here to help you avoid them.  Whenever we are faced with changes that need to be made in our life, it is super easy to swing like a pendulum to the farthest extreme in the opposite direction. When I am faced with needing to shed some of my padding, I might be tempted to starve myself.  Live on celery sticks and water only.  Wake up every day for a week and workout till I can barely stand.

Unfortunately, those efforts aren’t sustainable.  The same is true when you approach getting your home organized.  There are a few extremes that can be a real challenge should you fall victim to them.  Let’s take a look and see how they can be avoided.

Pitfall #1:  There is NO Such Thing As Perfect

I don’t mind telling you that more often than not, this is the hardest pitfall for me to avoid.  I grew up in a home that didn’t allow for mess or disorder (at least not in the form of clutter or dirt).  There was even a room in our house that was decorated with the most beautiful furniture, but no one was allowed to even sit in it. Quite often, I will feel the pull that my house needs to reflect the images found on the pages of a magazine, but the reality is, that is not what’s best for our family.

As you approach organization in your house, do yourself a favor and let go of the image of perfection.  Let go of what needs to go, clean up what is dirty, and make your home a place of peace and comfort for your family.  Don’t measure yourself or your possessions against anyone else’s image of perfect.

Pitfall #2:  No One Calls The Shots But You!

I spoke into this a little in #1, but the only opinion’s that matter when you approach organizing your home, are the ones that actually live in your home.  You get to say when clean is clean enough; when it is ok to leave your pants on the floor; when or if you will spend money to patch the bathroom ceiling.  This privilege doesn’t go to your mother, brother, sister, aunt, or even your best friend.

Don’t sink into someone else’s expectations for you and your home.  I will encourage you to have high expectations for yourself (not perfection), but if there is room for improvement, make those improvements, but because it is the right time, in the right way, at the best financial time for you and your home.  You are the boss!

Pitfall #3:  Your Home Will Always Be A Work In Progress

As long as there are people living in your home, it will always be a work in progress.  Dishes will always get dirty, as will bathrooms.  Dirty clothes will be added to laundry baskets (or bathroom floors).  My point is that home is a place that is meant to be loved in and lived in.

Contrary to how it may feel when you see that sink of dishes fill back up, the fact that your home is a work in progress means that there are people to love living in your home.  A few years ago, I sat in a room full of mom’s and listened as one woman declared all out war on her husbands socks.  She railed at the fact that he always left his socks on their bedroom floor and claimed in front of the whole room that she flat out refused to pick them up one more time.  While I could feel her frustration, it made me think of what the alternative’s could be.  She could have no husband.  The fact that the small act of service of picking up his socks each day meant that she had another day to love that man, is a point to be celebrated.

Your home will always be a work in progress, but that isn’t an excuse to give up or refuse to work at it.  See it for what it is.  Search for the blessings within it’s walls.  Fill the halls with laughter and focus on the most important tasks.

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