How To Build A Car Sick Kit

Nothing squashes the joy of your family road trip, like bugs on a windshield, than hearing the words “I feel sick!”  coming from the mouth of a wee one in the back seat.  As a mother of a child who can virtually puke on demand, I have learned the value of a well stocked car sick kit.

Our Tip Tuesday for this week is to make up a Car Sick Kit, before you head out for your next road trip.

Inside a reusable tote, pack the following:

Trash Bags:  If you have ever had a child, who has been sick in the car, you know that there is a lot of uses for these trash bags.  I like to pack multiple bags, one for trash, one for dirty clothes, one for the kid to wear as a poncho if needed.   You will be happy to have these on hand.

Towels:  Not only are they helpful with clean up, but towels make great splash guards.  When you hear those dreaded words, break out some towels to cover up the child.

Gatorade Bottles:  I love the little bottles of gatorade.  They store so nicely inside this kit.  Re-hydrating is important after being sick.  The gatorade helps to restore the lost electrolytes and put a little color back into the cheeks.

Bottles of Water:  Unfortunately, your littles may not choose the most convenient time to get sick.  (I’m sure this doesn’t shock you.)  Having the water bottles on hand will help clean up little hands, faces, and the car; even if you aren’t near civilization.

Wipes:    Once the deed has been done and you are on to clean up, having wipes on hand will be a huge help.  I love these Thieves Wipes to clean and sanitize the offending area’s.  The power of thieves takes the form of a helpful wipe.

Ziplock Bags:  In my opinion, if you can’t get your hands on a stack of airline barf bags, the next best thing is a stack of Ziplock storage bags.  When the child calls from the back seat, into their hands goes a storage bag.  They can be sick to their stomach’s content and the zip goes the bag.  It can safely sit until you are able to reach a trash can.

Hand Sanitizer:    What water alone can’t do, is fully sanitize the victim.  Thieves once again comes to my rescue with this hand sanitizer.  It is able to fully sanitize all who deal with the mess, without harsh chemicals being added in to the situation.

Purification Spray:  In a spall spray bottle, add 8-10 drops of purification essential oil and fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  Once you have reached your destination, use this spray to freshen and neutralize any remaining funky smells.

Car Sickness Roller Bottle Blend:  Never Leave Home Without It!  In a roller bottle, combine 8 drops of Peppermint, 8 drops of DiGize, and 8 drops of Ginger.  Fill the remaining bottle with a carrier oil.  At first sign that your child is feeling sick, roll the roller bottle over the belly, wrists, or back of the neck. Reapply frequently, until the symptoms pass.

Crackers:  An empty belly can increase motion sickness.  A few crackers can help settle the belly when upset or after being sick.

Napkins or Paper Towels (and lots of them):   Using napkins or paper towels for the clean up is so much better than the towels, because they can be thrown away.  Be sure to pack more than you think you will need.

Be sure to restock your kit before each road trip, you will be so happy to have these helps on hand.

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