Spotlight Oil: Shutran

With June being Father’s Day, I though our Spotlight Oil should be one for the guys.  Wearing this blend daily can help improve mood, increase energy levels, help the love life, and improve overall well-being, by balancing the systems that release vital male hormones.

Background of Shutran:

Shutran is an empowering essential oil blend that inspires feelings of masculinity and confidence. It is perfect for use as a cologne that appeals to both men and women. (Trust me ladies, it will appeal to you!) This oil is the male equivalent to Progessence Plus Serum.  It is an excellent option for men who are struggling with endocrine system issues or prostate health.  This exotic blend was specifically created as an aphrodisiac cologne.

Uses for Shutran:

  • Supporting men’s hormone health
  • Invigorating for the mind and body
  • Boosting masculinity
  • Acting as a natural cologne or fragrance
  • Boosting testosterone levels
  • Enhances male energy levels
  • Helps to reduce anxious feelings
  • Supporting sexual performance for both men and women
  • Encouraging partner attraction
  • Boosting libido

How to use Shutran:

Apply 2-4 drops, 2 times daily or as needed to neck, wrists, or over the heart.  This is also a very popular blend for use in the bedroom.  Shutran was made for a man to wear- to draw the attention of the ladies.  You might also enjoy applying Shutran on the inner thighs before sex, or directly on sensitive areas before intimacy.

Blends well with:

Abundance, Mister, Valor, Hong Kuai.


If taking medicine or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.  Shutran  may increase photosensitivity, so do not used on exposed skin if you are going out into direct sunlight.  

DIY To Try:

Shutran Body Spray.  Fill a 2 ounce spray bottle with 20 drops of Shutran and 1 tsp Witch Hazel.   Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Shake and Spray.  It really is that easy to make a body spray!

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