Don’t Pay For Cable

Do you have a vacation coming up or perhaps you split your time between two homes?  Today’s tip is one that is not widely know or utilized, but could  help you save big!

This is a little known tip to almost everybody (including me).   Many of the cable and satellite companies offer vacation-suspension plans. You simply need to call them to let know when you’re leaving and when you’re returning — and then stop paying while you’re away!

The suspension plans vary between companies, but here’s an example: Time Warner will allow you to suspend for anywhere between 2 and 10 months. The homeowner will have to pay $5 a month to keep the account open.  Sure beats $100 a month for TV you’re not even there to watch.

I know that this is a tip I will be using before we head out for our next vacation.

Share this one with your friends.  They like saving money too!

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