Introducing New Savvy Minerals Makeup (Part 1)

It was announced a week ago and I am still pinching myself; Young Living is now the proud owner of Savvy Mineral Cosmetics!!!!!

Young Living has now combined their specialized brand and promise for organic, unadulterated essential oils, and quality with the company formerly known as Sweet Savvy Minerals, the brainchild of Melissa Poepping.  This makeup line is something very special.

The brand-new line features a range of chemical-free, mineral-based products, including foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and translucent powder.  It works for all skin types and women of all ages!  There’s also an all-natural, finishing spray and a range of lipsticks and peppermint oil-infused glosses.  Not to mention the promise of much more product to come in the very near future.

What Make This Makeup Different From Others Currently On the Market?

The key thing that sets Savvy Minerals apart from all other mineral makeup lines is in what isn’t in the makeup.

I will start with the fact that Savvy Minerals is Gluten Free!  (You heard me right.  For all my fellow celiac disease sufferers, there is a makeup line that is completely safe for us!) .  Beyond that, Savvy Minerals is completely free from the harmful chemicals found in most beauty products, such as nanoparticles, talc, parabens, phalates, petrochemicals, bismuth, lead,  synthetic fragrances, dyes, and sooooo much more.  

The honest truth is that you should not have to be a detective to tell whether or not your makeup has harmful chemicals in it.  I love that the fact that I can KNOW with certainty that Young Living has put together a product that will not add to my chemical body burden.  The average woman puts more than 300 chemicals on her body a day- 80 of them before breakfast!  Within 26 seconds after you have applied your creams, lotions, potions, and makeup; it has been absorbed by your skin and can be found in measurable amounts in your body.  It is of vital importance to know what chemicals you are bringing into your home and exposing into your body.

The last thing that makes this makeup line something that all animal lovers can appreciate…  is that this makeup is animal cruelty-free!!

How Does It Compare In Cost?

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of spending money on things because we THINK we are spending a lot. Let’s compare and contrast the cost of Young Living’s makeup with a few other leading companies.

Here are some interesting finds for the basic things we all buy when we think of makeup:

Young Living Savvy Minerals (Wholesale Price):
Eyeshadow (one color)-15.25
Lip Gloss-27.50
(w/out Lipstick-$130.25; w/out Lip Gloss-$125.50)

BeautyCounter Makeup (non-consultant price):
Foundation (powder)-$41
Lip Gloss-$29
(w/out Lipstick-$167; w/out Lip Gloss-$168)

Bare Minerals Makeup (Retail-only option):
Eyeshadow (Palette)-$45
Lip Gloss-$18
(w/out Lipstick-$132.50; w/out Lip Gloss-$134.50)

So, as you can see, Young Living’s makeup is NOT expensive in comparison and the payoff, is that you are getting a product FREE of chemicals.

THE BEST POINT OF ALL: Neither of these other two companies give me POINTS BACK when I order towards even more FREE products!!! With my Young Living order I can add these to my Monthly Essential Rewards order, get up to 25% back (if you’re just starting ER, you will get 10% and work your way up to 25%) which is $38.25 back on an order of $153!!!!! Who does that? Does Target? Ulta? Amazon? Nope! Only Young Living .

How Can You Get Your Hands On Some Savvy Minerals?

I am so glad you asked!  The best way to get started is by making up your very own wholesale kit.


Step 1:  When you are ready to kick your chemicals to the curb, Click Here.  This will take you to the page where you will choose the Wholesale membership.  Click on the option for a Basic Starter Kit.  The Basic Starter Kit offers all the product samples and literature you need to begin experiencing the wellness, purpose, and abundance Young Living has to offer.  You will also receive a 5 ml bottle of our Stress Away Oil.

Step 2:  Once you have added your starter kit to the cart, you will see an option to add more product.  Add one of each of the following items in the color of your choice: foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipgloss, and a bottle of the misting spray.

Step 3:  Sign up for our Essential Rewards Program.  This is not required, but it a fantastic way to start replacing all of the chemicals from your home.

Once you complete this process, you will have access to an amazing community that will walk you through this oily journey, you will also receive 24% off all future purchases, and you are not required to meet any monthly minimums.  Best of all you will have a quality makeup that you can trust.

It is time to make beauty actually beautiful again! Go check out your ingredient labels, look for some of one in bold above. When you find them, TOSS them OUT!!!!

You are far to special to be slowly killing yourself! Not to mention it is time to start thinking about our daughters who will one day be exposed to these hazards (or perhaps already are).  We are going to do this together. Out with the crap, in with the Savvy Minerals.

Check back with us soon for Part 2!  In part 2 we will discuss the specific products in this makeup line, their ingredients, and how to determine what shades are best for you.

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