What Does Freedom Mean To You?

The concept of freedom looks different for everyone, yet it is one that many on the planet are searching for. If you were to search your mind, what would freedom look like for you?

  • Perhaps you are searching for financial freedom
  • The freedom that only a healthy body can bring you
  • More free time
  • Maybe you are looking for freedom from your past.

Whatever your personal freedom looks like, it begins in your mind.

The first step to freedom begins with your ability to draw on your own strength and grit, to pursue the life that you want, the life of your dreams.  You need to search and claim you own personal truth for the areas of your life that need to be revamped, in order to live the lifestyle that is currently only living in your dreams.

This question of “what freedom means to me” was asked to me about 6 months ago.  It is something that I have chewed on, prayed on, and thought on for hours on end.  These dreams began to take shape in my mind, but to be honest, I was too afraid to dream them.  I was afraid of giving a voice to them, in fear that I would be so disappointed if they didn’t happen.  Finally, the conclusion came to me that I could sit in the same cell of my mind, for the next 40 years, or I could go out there and pursue freedom.

I might never complete my dreams quite the way they are in my head right now, but I will gain more ground than if I never tried to pursue freedom at all.


Freedom isn’t going to happen tomorrow, but you can begin working on discovering what it means to you right now!  Until you figure out your path to freedom, consider some of these idea’s as great starting points.

Work On Your Health
You are the ONLY person who has control over your health and wellness. It doesn’t matter if it’s losing weight, getting fit,  improving your eating habits, or getting to a healthy headspace; only you can do the work.  I have spent most of 2017 recovering from an injury, while it impacted my family and friends, if I didn’t take my meds or do my PT, I was not going to improve.  When we live in a constant battle with our bodies, it has a powerful impact on our quality of life. Don’t wait on anyone else to “fix” you.  Not your trainers, not your diet program, not your doctors, not your therapist, not your spouse; not a single one of them can do it for you.

De-clutter your life
De-cluttering your life doesn’t mean just a spring cleaning for your closets. We live in such cluttered headspace ALL. THE. TIME!  Phones dinging, emails popping, responsibilities and demands constantly pulling on us.  It is time to let go of the stuff, the activities that are keeping you running in circles, the past, and anything that is keeping you from achieving freedom and soul refreshing joy.  Begin carving out time where you can breathe and dream.  If your “stuff” is so loud that you can’t hear yourself think, it is time to let it go.

Build Your Tribe
Did you know that some experts believe that the five closest people around you have the greatest influence on your life?  This is why it is sooooo important to surround yourself with encouragers and supporters.  With people who love you and want to see your thrive.  Break free from toxic relationships that are weighing you down.

Ditch the debt
That pile of bills on your kitchen counter, are a sure fire way to drown out all thoughts of freedom.  There is no pressure quite like financial pressure.  Focus on clearing your debt.  This may mean an adjustment in your lifestyle, but it will make way for better things in the future.

Find A Mentor
There is something so motivating in knowing that someone has stood in your exact same steps and was able to make a life they love.  I have been blessed with many mentors over the course of my life.  They have all provided inspiration and knowledge that I have returned back to continually through my years.  Some of my mentors are people that I have never met.  I have listened to their teaching, read their blogs or books, or I listened to their podcasts.  No matter what your goals are, find someone who has been where you desire to go and build a relationship with them. Follow them (not in a creepy way).  Have their voice in your head on a regular basis.  It will get you through times of doubt and discouragement, but it will also push you further than you think you can actually go.

It is time to start defining what freedom means to you, building a tribe that will speak truth to you, start taking better care of your health, and start taking actions steps to achieve true dream fulfilling FREEDOM.

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