Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Mattress

After 16 years together, my husband and I finally broke up with our mattress.

I could get witty and say boy if that mattress could talk…but I won’t!

I could also wax nostalgic and remember all the snuggles with my babies that happened on that bed…but I’m not going to go there either.

Where I am going, is the price tag we paid for that bed. We paid a kings ransom to purchase that mattress and it pained me to get rid of it,  almost as much as it pained me to sleep on it.

Let’s face it, purchasing a mattress is a big investment.  It is recommended that after 8 years, your mattress be replaced.  (I think we truly did get our money’s worth if we were able to hang on to that thing for 16 years!) .   Even still, we once again did not pay a small sum to replace the mattress.

Girl’s gotta sleep in comfort after all.

This is why it is so important to follow a few simple steps, to help you increase the life and comfort of your mattress.

  1. Rotate and Air Your Mattress-  It is a good practice to rotate your mattress every month or so to keep it fresh. Airing your mattress is also very important.  We sweat and release skin cells when we sleep. Then turn around and make the bed, trapping all of that in with sheets and bedding.  (If your Momma beat it into you to make your bed every morning.)Is it any wonder they can get a bit stinky.
  2. Clean Your Mattress-  Many people don’t realize that you need to clean your mattress.  Be honest, when did you do it last???  Once a month, you should give your mattress a vacuum when you’re changing your sheets. This helps get rid of skin debris that builds up on your mattress.  (Now there is a happy mental picture for you) . I like to mix up some baking soda and Purification essential oil.  I shake that over the mattress and let it sit for a few minutes.  After the mixture has sat for a few minutes, I vacuum it up and put fresh sheets on the bed.  (AHHH fresh sheet night, how I love you!)
  3. Bedding Should Be Changed Regularly-   Once again I ask you to think about perspiration, skin cells, food if you eat in bed, animal slobber (if they sneak attack your bed), and all manner of the things that can get on your sheets.  Make’s you want to go change your sheet right now doesn’t it?  Sheets should be changed weekly, but truly no more than biweekly.  (My teenagers are rolling over in their unmade beds, at this reality, I am sure) .   Always wash bed sheets on HOT to kill off any bacteria or other unwanted

Today’s tip is to begin taking these small steps to increase the life of your mattress.  Rotate and air it, clean your mattress, and wash your bedding regularly are all easy tasks and they will make a big impact.  Another tip not mentioned above, but is one that is also pretty important, is to make sure that your bed is being properly supported.  Once a year, be sure to check your bed frame.  Keep up with these tips and you will be able to extend the life and the comfort of your bed.