Spice Blends You Should Be Making At Home

Spice blends are easy to make, more than likely you have all or most of the ingredients needed on hand, they are easy to store, and they make unique and thoughtful gifts.  Probably the best reason I could give to spark your interest in making your own spice blends, is that they are almost impossible to mess up!!!

Hope that got your attention.

For years, I was purchasing all of these specialized spice blends.  Not only are they expensive, but in many cases they are loaded with sodium, MSG, corn syrup solids, and other assorted additives.  Not exactly what I want to be shaking over my families food.

I am pretty sure you may not want to be shaking that over your broccoli either.

The first spice blend that I tried my hand at making was taco seasoning.  Once I found out how ridiculously easy it was to make, the sky opened up and I began to realize that there was no longer a need for me to pay extra for all the blends and seasoning mixes that I was purchasing!  I could just open my spice cabinet and make them myself.  The best part, was that my friends and family enjoy the taste of my homemade seasoning blends better than the store brand.  #momforthewin

I am going to show you 5 of my most used Spice Blends

Ready?  Let’s dig in!  We will start with my daughter’s favorite!!

Ranch Seasoning

Those ranch seasoning packets are so handy for all kinds of cooking applications, whether you are making ranch chicken or your own ranch salad dressing.  Whatever your need is, this handy seasoning mix will have all your basis covered.

To make this delicious seasoning mix into “knock your socks off” salad dressing; combine 1 Tbsp. of the seasoning mix, 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, and 1/2 cup of milk.  Your kids will want to eat all. the. vegetables. with this dip!!!

Onion Soup Mix

We are quickly approaching football season.  In our house this used to mean stocking up on boxes of Onion Soup Mix for that addictive dip that only goes with ruffled chips.  You know the one!!!  This Onion Soup Mix was also the secret to my mom’s pot roast (you never heard this from me)!

Should you now have a craving for that delicious dip, mix all of your spices together to make your mix. Combine 2 Tbsp. of your onion soup mix along with 16 oz. container of sour cream.

Stir well and enjoy!!

Chinese 5 Spice

This little seasoning blend is the secret love that goes into all of my stir fry’s.  It adds a depth and pop of flavor that will having your whole family begging you to bust out the veggies.  You will feel like a rock star!

Add this dry rub to chicken before grilling.  (I love the little chicken drumettes with this rub!!) . I will often add a pinch to stir fried veggies.  Oh yeah, it’s soooo good!!

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

This is an all time favorite!  I love the brightness of the citrus peel against the pepper.  This is fabulouso on chicken and is amazing in a cream sauce for pasta.  Perfect for a quick and tasty weeknight meal.  You could certainly zest your own lemons for this blend, but I have found it easier to just purchase the dried lemon rind.

Seasoning Salt

I use this seasoning salt for everything from burgers to popcorn.  Shake it or add it to anything that could benefit from a little extra flavor booster!  It is especially tasty sprinkled over steamed or sautéed veggies.  My kids say it almost takes away the healthy taste from broccoli.  This seasoning is also really tasty in cream sauces or mac-n-cheese.  Play with it and I am sure you will find your favorite ways to use this blend in no time at all.

How To Store Your Spice Blends

Now that you’ve got your blends created, storing them properly is important.

You could go the ziplock bag route, however it can be difficult to scoop out your seasoning from the bags.  Storing a bunch of baggies can also lead to messy cabinets.

My recommendation are these handy little Oxo brand 3 oz. storage containers.  They line up nicely in your cabinets, can be easily labeled, and they stack great on one another for maximum storage.

There you have it!  These spice blends will help you say goodbye to wasting money, unwanted sodium, and MSG.  They will also help you and your family say hello to utilizing what it right in your own kitchen and best of all….Hello to great flavor.  It is time to give them a try.

Check back with us soon, to find great recipe ideas that utilize these spice blends in new and creative ways.  You are going to love them!!!

I am always on the look out for ways, to use these spice blends, in even better ways.  If you find a tasty way to use one of these; be sure to come back and share it with me!!!!!