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Spotlight Oil: Oregano

Background of Oregano: Known as mountain joy, Oregano has been around for centuries and was ... Continue Reading

Spotlight Oil: Shutran

With June being Father's Day, I though our Spotlight Oil should be one for the guys.  Wearing ... Continue Reading

Spotlight Oil: Copaiba

Spotlight Oil: Copaiba (Pronounced Ko-pah-eee-bah) From it's difficult to pronounce name to it's ... Continue Reading

Roller Bottle Basics

One of the greatest thing about essential oils, is their user friendliness.  To benefit from ... Continue Reading

Spotlight Oil: Frankincense

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, but there may be no oil with as big of a role ... Continue Reading

What Are Carrier Oils and Why Do We Need Them?

Perhaps you are new to essential oil usage and you have heard or read the directions to use a ... Continue Reading

Stress Away Whipped Body Butter

Links to purchase all supplies for this project can be found at the bottom of the page. A little ... Continue Reading

Essential Oil’s 101: Choosing the Best Diffuser

  You have done your research.  Narrowed down the exact oil you’d like to begin your ... Continue Reading