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Kids, The Yuck, and How To Stay Healthy!!!

This past week at the Ponderosa, we had the yuck.  The gross, congested, foggy headed yuck. It ... Continue Reading

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

The concept of freedom looks different for everyone, yet it is one that many on the planet are ... Continue Reading

Why Bother Getting Organized

In the first part of our Choose Less series we talked about the "how" to start clearing the clutter ... Continue Reading

De-Sress With Exercise

Stress has many faces and at some point or another in our lives we will encounter stress. It may ... Continue Reading

Struggling To Loose Weight?

So the reality is that we live in a society that wants everything quickly, from our food at a ... Continue Reading

Don’t Let “It” Catch You!

As a personal trainer I have a lot of conversation with people regarding their health and fitness. ... Continue Reading

Would You Like a Glass Of Water?

In some restaurants the waiter will bring you a glass of water even if you don't ask for it. ... Continue Reading

Excuses…Everybody Has Some

Here are some very common excuses that people use regarding exercise. How many of these have you ... Continue Reading