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Kids, The Yuck, and How To Stay Healthy!!!

This past week at the Ponderosa, we had the yuck.  The gross, congested, foggy headed yuck. It ... Continue Reading

Dr. Mom’s Oily Tool Kit (Part 2)

Essential oils are a convenient, effective, portable way to handle most of the common ailments that ... Continue Reading

What You Need To Know When Organizing With Your Child

With school aged children in the house, there is always an abundance of books, homework, handouts, ... Continue Reading

Helping Your Anxious Child

40 million adults in the US, ages 18 and older, suffer with some type of anxiety disorder. Having ... Continue Reading

Eliminate Boredom With a Summer Schedule

Boredom! The one word that makes up a parent’s summertime nightmare.  The first few weeks (or ... Continue Reading

Having Fun With Kids In The Kitchen

Our house was visited by a special little visitor today.  This little miss loves to cook.  Her ... Continue Reading