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Is It Time To Clean and Sort the Pantry?

It is quite possible that the most neglected part of my whole house is my kitchen pantry.  This ... Continue Reading

Teenagers Can Have Clean Bedrooms!

When you think about a teenager’s bedroom, what is the image that comes to your mind? Probably ... Continue Reading

The 3 Biggest Organizational Pitfall’s To Avoid

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Organization For Your Refrigerator

Today's tip comes to you courtesy of my friend.  She has a refrigerator, that when opened, makes ... Continue Reading

Should it Go High or Low?

I am getting ready to overhaul my pantry.  It is in such pitiful disaray, that a woman needs to ... Continue Reading

Introduction To Time Mapping

If you are at a place in your life where you would like to be in control of your time, rather than ... Continue Reading

Why Bother Getting Organized

In the first part of our Choose Less series we talked about the "how" to start clearing the clutter ... Continue Reading

Choose Less: Clear the Clutter

It is amazing to me, how quickly clutter can add up in our homes without our even noticing.  Life ... Continue Reading

Planning a Family Clean Up Day

The car hasn’t lived in the garage in 18 years of marriage. The walk from the garage into the ... Continue Reading