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Building Habits Changes Lives

Tiny Habits, Can become life changing behaviors, over time." B.J. Fogg I am a huge fan of ... Continue Reading

Don’t Pay For Cable

Do you have a vacation coming up or perhaps you split your time between two homes?  Today's tip is ... Continue Reading

5 Tips To Help You Build A Better Salad

I think that it is so unfortunate that salad has such a bad reputation.  Who among us has not ... Continue Reading

How To Build A Car Sick Kit

Nothing squashes the joy of your family road trip, like bugs on a windshield, than hearing the ... Continue Reading

5 Grilling Hacks To Up Your BBQ Game

The hummingbirds are back, the bird feeders are full, the days are getting longer and all of that ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Productivity Tips

Productivity is the measure of efficiency at which a person is able to output useful effort.  In ... Continue Reading

Organization For Your Refrigerator

Today's tip comes to you courtesy of my friend.  She has a refrigerator, that when opened, makes ... Continue Reading

Celebrate The First Day of Spring

"Don't save things for a special occasion.  Every day of your life is a special occasion!" - ... Continue Reading

Drink A Cup of Coffee

As if I needed any other excuses or reasons to go make a "cuppa" coffee!!!! Since we posted our ... Continue Reading

Nurture the Nurturer

It is so vital to our mindsets and to our productivity to take time everyday to "Nurture the ... Continue Reading